How did you become an illustrator?

I started by chance, making conceptual illustrations that came out of my mind while I was living in the French countryside. Out of work and with the idea of being unemployed for a while I sent these illustrations to an Italian newspaper and after a few days the art director called me asking me if I wanted to become the illustrator of a column written by writer and journalist: Nathan Englander. I immediately found a beautiful synergy with Nathan words and my way of illustrating his short stories; from there on I’ve continuously push to shape and develop my narrative graphic style

What’s your favourite tool to work?

Apple Ipad pro 12,9" and my trusty BIC pen

What are your favourite colours?

Right now, I love this combination: all the scale of sky blue, tangerine orange and dark brown.

But by the time I'm writing I might be already changed my idea.. again..

What is your favourite food?

Polenta and ragù of wild boar mixed with Toma cheese (delicioussssss)

Your least favourite food?

Mashed peas... XP puah! Terribleeeee..

Did you ever do any other jobs besides illustrating?

I did many jobs before finding my way to the illustration world. The most interesting (and weird at the same time) was boxing Christmas balls for a famous Italian brand (I think in one week me and my sister made over 5000 boxes..)