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The Great British Baking Show illustration made for the story of Nathan Englander in collaboration with La Stampa

The Great British Baking Show illustration made for the story of Nathan Englander. Client: La Stampa


“Lately, in a bit of blatant off-label use, I’ve been self-administering doses of “The Great British Baking Show,” Season 3. I watch it as a kind of holistic cure for the overwhelming stress of American life in these dark times. That and bourbon on ice are about the only two things that work.

I stumbled upon “Great British Baking” relief just as I was coming to terms with the fact that the source of my upset was reality TV itself. All that manufactured truth leaking out into real life, and the fictional personalities following behind and wreaking havoc along with it.”…

“For the uninitiated, “The Great British Baking Show” unfolds in a kind of postcolonial Garden of Eden, in a tent set atop a thick carpet of lawn—a little bubble of tranquillity giving off, one can tell from the couch at home, wave after wave of warm-cookie smell. And in a world riven by class divisions, a tent offers no hint of wealth, and even less permanence.”…

In this dark age of walls rising up along with old hatreds, the show is magically unwilling to acknowledge anything beyond what comes out of the ovens. It’s heartening and buoying to go to a place where nothing matters beyond what happens on the taste buds and the quality of your bake. My all-time favorite contestant, Nadiya Hussain, whipped up wedding cakes, iced buns and a chocolate peacock while wearing a hijab. Not once did anyone bring up religion or race or note that she covers her hair.

“Out from under that tent, in a world beyond the safety of screens, our reality-TV president (of “WrestleMania” IV, V and VII and “The All New Mickey Mouse Club”) wants to arm teachers with guns in our already terrorized schools. This is only the latest idea from the “very stable genius” who, claiming to have the “much bigger” button, threatens to annihilate a whole country filled with actual people who live and breathe. I mean, how is a person ever supposed to calm down under those circumstances without a little extra help?”

Story by: Nathan Englander
Client: La Stampa




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