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How much is difficult to start your career? How can I build a solid image of my work and how people can find attractive my illustrations? these are just some of the most common questions I receive every time I talk with someone about my job. I'll try to answer here, and I'll continue to write and update this blog trying to untangle as many knots as possible from this tangled ball :)


To be completely honest with you, I'm still learning how to do it properly. From my experience the best advice I can give you is to: "be in the moment", don't let run away your opportunities and be humble with what you receive. "Keep going" must be your mantra to repeat every time you're nearly to give up.. Do not despair, you're not alone and we all share the same difficulties as you. So Be in the moment, build your personal style and embody your ideas, follow carefully the trends but do not homologate yourself or imitate others.


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