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Aggiornamento: 27 mag 2021

Still remains a mystery how a mash-up of digital works has been sold for over $ 40 million in a public auction.

But #beeple, with the help of Christies auction house he succeeded!

Beeple is one of the forerunners of #NFT (Non-fungible token), and with some other people they have started to use different blockchains (and therefore cryptocurrencies) to sell their artwork on a parallel market avoiding the speculation of patrons and art critics who have been managing the art world for many centuries until now.

I wanted to experience and immerse myself in this "backworld" of which I knew very little and which (pushed by a crazy friend), led me to meet a wonderful community. I met people who really care about what they do and are finally recognized, encouraged and paid correctly for what they do (contrary to what is the world of art and illustration today).

The FOUNDATION platform was the one that intrigued me the most. It's there

that I actually managed to sell my first "digital work" thanks to an obscure collector D3D3 who decided to invest in my creativity.


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